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Article :: What type of boat?
What type of boat?
Before you shop for a boat decide what you want to do with the boat. Overnight cruising, fishing, water skiing, entertaining guests or maybe a mix. Some boats can serve dual purposes but you wouldn't want to ski behind a large cruiser.

If you want to overnight cruise you'll want a boat with a cabin large enough to stand up and change clothes in and a separate head compartment for middle of the night use. Manufacturers may advertise that their model will sleep six persons and there are adequate berths or convertible seats, but six adults will bring an amazing amount of luggage that will fill some of the sleeping areas. You must be very good friends to share cramped quarters for more than overnight. But roughing it for a night in cramped conditions can also be very fun.

Larger boats require special storage considerations and expenses but a boat stored afloat can be used as a floating cabin at the dock and the marina or boat club crowd usually have fun dockside activities. A smaller boat can be trailered but a tow vehicle is required. Rack and launch facilities keep a boat clean, out of harms way from storms, don't require a tow vehicle but can not be used to just go sit on the boat and unwind some warm evening.

Smaller runabouts are good for fishing and water spots and just joy riding. If you'll be away from shore for a longer time a small head is important, especially for the ladies. If its just the guys out fishing, guys can adapt pretty well to less than ideal facilities.

A mid size cruiser, say 23 to 26 feet, can be used for fishing and water sports but usually just good for single family on an overnight cruise.

Decide what you want to do with the boat, what equipment you want, galley, head, number of berths and then start looking only at boats with those accommodations. It will make the search less daunting and no matter how good the deal is if the boat doesn't fit your needs you will have times you wished you had purchased a different boat.