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Article :: From out of town? Read this....
From out of town? Read this....
The Internet has changed boat buying as much as everything else. Every year I am involved in more and more transactions from out of town clients interested in a boat in my area. I will offer a "walk through" survey for a reduced fee to give you a better idea whether to pursue the vessel or not. I will take many digital pictures and send them to you, give you my verbal opinion of the boat, do some minor testing on suspected "deal breaker" areas of the vessel, e.g. transoms on Inboard/Outboard vessels. I'll record the Registration number and Hull Identification Number and determine the manufacturer, build year and or model year of the boat. If the seller is willing and available I can take a picture of the ships's papers. We can discuss any other items that you wish me to investigate.

The fee will be dependant on the size and location of the vessel and how deep you want me to go with my walk through. A portion of my fee will be applied to the cost of a complete survey if the deal proceeds to that point.